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What is H & A? ʱ?? 3EX What does it mean?

On behalf of H & A diamonds Hearts and Arrows effect. 3EX on behalf of diamond polishing, symmetry, both for the perfect cut, diamond cut in the top.

Fluorescence in the end of the value and beauty of diamonds have no impact?

Fluorescence Fluorescence intensity indicator is the issue of diamonds and other colored light blue or yellow under intense ultraviolet light. That is, under natural light is not feel it, unless more intense ultraviolet sunlight. Has a strong fluorescence of diamonds, the naked eye can feel the presence of fluorescence. Fluorescence is just a secondary parameter, of the value and beauty of diamonds has little effect.

The price is almost two stone, a weight difference of 0.05 to 0.1CT, but the cut and clarity of the stones are heavy low a grade, choose which better?

It should pay attention to the needs of guests and aspects may be, if you pay more attention to the quality of selected small weight relatively high quality of the sinking, the visual effect is strong if it is required that the selected larger weight sinking.

This two diamonds, which stars the higher cost? 51 points, I color, VS1,3EX and 50 points, G color, VS2, EX, VG, EX

50 points sinking relative price higher, the weight of one-point gap is almost difficult to distinguish the naked eye, but the difference between the two is easy to see color, clarity on the difference is not obvious.

Diamond wear for a while, the fire color is not as good, how do ah?

You can experience the center demonet free cleaning and maintenance, or at home, self-cleaning. The method is simple: use warm detergent solution soak diamond, then rinse with water, and finally with the drill cloth or wipe wipe glasses cloth to wipe clean.

Small diamond diamond no big strong color of fire?

Not necessarily, fire color diamond depends on its cut level, not by the weight of the diamond decision.

VG cut diamond is not a bad thing?

GIA diamond cut high to low in turn divided into five files, EX, VG, G, F, P five grades, cut VG indicates Very Good very good.

Is not the only one karat hedge?

For us, any size of diamond have a hedge, hedge the purchase price depends on whether diamond diamonds, such as price one karat diamond in traditional shops is about 10W yuan, while everyone around Treasure your long 5W yuan available.

Diamond 4C which important?

Value of diamonds is determined by the 4C, so 4C is very important, from the cost to consider, we also need to be focused on the selection of diamonds, in the case to determine the size of the first proposal cut the C consider excellent degree from a cut of directly affect the diamond''s fire color, all we often say that life cut diamond is the second, followed by consideration of the color of the C, color from DZ, closer D color diamond the more transparent, the proposed final consideration clarity this C, to VS level and above as well as clarity caused only a minor effect on the diamond.

Where you are custom made to order?

We have our own factory in Shenzhen.

Your purchase of diamonds from where?

Most of our diamonds supplied by Belgium, Israel''s top cutters.

What is set to quit?

Generally composed of three rings composed in the main ring Nvjie based. Other two style is echoed main ring, generally with two girls at the hands of a finger may also be separate band. Have a different feeling, won the favor of young people.

What is called Hearts and Arrows? What is the meaning?

Hearts and Arrows diamond refers to the circular naked in a special viewing microscope, can see eight arrow-shaped at the front, while the back will be presenting eight heart-shaped, as the name suggests Heart & Arrow abbreviated H & A or Arrows Cupid turner ʱ?? "One of eight arrows and hearts cohesion, metaphor," Encounters, love, hints, dream system, first kiss, lingering, understanding, Union Hill "and the eight beautiful mood.

Why 18k will change?

18k gold refers to an amount of 75% of gold jewelry, the other 25% is other precious metals. Color metal depends mainly on the ratio of 25 percent other metals. General was pale yellow-white, beauty and durability for jewelry, often in jewelry outer surface plating layer coating. We see their bright white appearance is actually a coating. In daily life in some behavior can cause the coating to wear. For example: doing housework, bathing, apply cosmetics, or other hard objects and friction, when there will be varying degrees of wear. After plating will wear bare the true nature of the metal, appeared pale yellow-white, this is quite normal, as long as through inspection of product quality inspection center, jewelry content should be no problem. There are many consumers do not know when to wear jewelry in this case, the mistake is jewelry quality problem. In fact, we do not have to worry about the emergence of this problem, you can go directly to the relevant professional bodies to do about jewelry maintenance, cleaning and re-plating on it.

Certificate of authenticity

If guests will have to buy loose diamonds GIA do re-examination, the results differ from the GIA international certificate, how to solve?

GIA Diamond 4C is the founder, it is to identify a credible international institution. Such as the country''s testing agencies issued written proof of this extraordinary diamonds and a diamond GIA certificate, we a full refund, as review the results with the GIA diamond certificate level there are differences in terms of the GIA certificate shall prevail.

18 points drill no certificate, whether true or false certificates may be issued?

20 points or less diamond countries do not issue mandatory diamond certification, if the special needs of the guests, everyone Treasure for you to check out of the country for free agency issued the diamond authenticity certificate.

In addition to re-examination when Diamond also what band?

Everyone Treasure recommend several national inspection agency: "CIQ, large, provincial inspection", went recommend that you take a good diamond, relevant certificates and invoices.

How to buy second-hand drill to prevent it? Is there any way you can identify it?

Please purchase regular companies to drill, and select a diamond with laser numbering, such as GIA diamonds. Treasure everyone there is a lot of GIA certified loose diamonds to choose from later.

Greater than one carat diamond, generally no laser numbered inserts that prove how good or diamond after it?

More than one carat diamond, in order to maintain its perfection, unless specifically requested, will not bring laser number. However, there is a large certificate icon flaw location, you can determine this diamond. If you can not recognize your own flaws, but also can go to the country''s testing agency review and let the professionals help you look at flaws identified in FIG.

GIA diamonds and CIQ What is the difference? CIQ stricter than GIA it?

Diamond itself is no different, except that the diamond cutting process, as well as diamond GIA certificate status symbol than 70 years of history, GIA is the founder of Diamond 4C, accreditation bodies around the world are in GIA standards as a reference, Diamond GIA certified diamonds shipped have been recognized around the world, while the country Kam diamond certificate is valid only in the country, the country seized relatively GIA Diamond Diamond rating is somewhat reserved and usually diamond color (D, E, F) and there will be a shift in and out of the net.

Conventional identification of diamonds

1, diamond heat transfer capacity is very high, it can on its surface Kazakh gas, less than two seconds fog will disappear immediately.

2, you can put diamond water to wet, then use the pencil lightly scored, in the grain surface, place the pencil across the diamond really is not leaving any traces, if not a diamond, but materials such as glass or crystal , will leave marks on the surface.

Note: Under normal circumstances, carved with a pencil to identify genuine and fake diamonds, the accuracy of this method is relatively high. However, in the differential, need permission from the merchant and to pay attention to some good old mosaic diamond jewelry, is not water infiltration, because if it is made of copper or silver and other material jewelry inlaid seat, easily oxidized.

How can I identify a good future mosaic originally selected the diamond?

If you purchased a GIA loose diamonds on one karat diamond GIA Girdle following laser has unique numbering and identification certificate number corresponds to the number will be left out especially when the mosaic, so do not worry about not insert themselves after sinking, By loupe, you can see your own number to the laser on the diamond girdle!

What is GIA certificate?

GIA is referred to as the Gemmological Institute of America (Gemological Institute of America), which is very famous all over the world teaching jewelry collection, detection and identification, as an authoritative research body, the GIA certificate out of the gemstone is recognized all over the world certificate.

How to distinguish between true and false GIA certificate it?

You can if the certificate by the laser number View GIA Diamond Girdle of Conformity can buy diamonds to enter your score and certificate number on the official GIA website to compare whether your information on the certificate matches.


PT material good, or 18K material good? If you want to set with diamonds, should you choose?

18K hardness and elongation of better, lower melting point, more flexibility in shaping different forms and styles of ornaments, and because of the integration of 25% of other metals, the hardness significantly enhanced, not easy to deform or scratch .PT platinum, with 90 percent of sub-PT900 platinum, PT950 containing 95% of platinum, PT900 hardness strong, suitable for mosaic, PT950 soft material suitable for plain gold jewelry category. Note: The extension means easy to build a degree of metal shapes, usually for groups or complex process inserts paragraph style, with 18K is better.

What kind of ring care more solid?

General Prong more suitable diamonds are usually 3 feet firmly degrees (or more) of relatively high.


If the order is generated, but I do not want to buy, and how to do?

If the order has been generated, we will get in touch with you to implement the orders, we can contact you, you can tell us, we will provide you delete orders. In yet generate orders, only in the shopping cart, guests can voluntarily click Delete, which was canceled.

Your company in the online product images, including whether the finished product experience center can be customized?

Most of our products are able to be customized. If you need to order, it is recommended that you go to the center of our experience, our consultants will determine whether the jewelry can be customized according to your requirements. If you are online shopping, I hope you can send multiple viewing angle product images to our customer service staff, they will determine whether you can be customized according to your requirements.

In here you can control whether custom gold according to my request?

Very sorry, because you have ordered products are made of pure handmade, grasp gold material differ according to style, hand-inch, etc. will, so now can not promise that you can control the gold, only according to your order manufactured products, give you an estimated reference price, the actual price of the transaction price to prevail after the order is completed.

Are you here under orders can be expedited?

We have our own factory, for customers with special needs, we can rush. But in order to ensure a perfect custom product technology, we hope customers will still follow the conventional production processes. Once your product shipments, Customer Service Officer will inform you.

Under what circumstances can return?

Everyone Treasure commitment to pay the customer the full amount of the (non-deposit), non-customized (including scene mosaic) of the product, without worn new goods (tag if worn or damaged goods shall be deemed to have been worn), must at the same time satisfy the above three conditions product quality problems, the return can be carried out within 15 days.

Custom period is generally a few days?

Custom jewelry has a rigorous process, the duration unified orders start to the second day, in detail, please refer to the order Delivery of processing time.

Pay a deposit, pay the balance again after a few months you?

He paid the deposit, one month to pay the balance domestic demand, a month later, as the abandoned single process. You can select all the Treasure new hire business.

I ask how an appointment ah? What concessions it made a reservation?

You can call the customer service 0086-755-82804919 reservation telephone appointment, Appointment get a special gift.

Do you sell the ornaments have an invoice?

We sell diamond can be invoiced. For more details, please refer to our invoice system


Long time not wearing a diamond ring, how to handle it?

Diamond jewelry boxes can be placed, and placed with a soft handkerchief wrapped it recommended not to put artificial plastic box, to avoid friction with other accessories.

PT easy to spend the issues and ring maintenance problems?

PT Ring ring during wear and the object friction, a long time will become the flower, but they do not tackle tough things are not very clear, diamond was less tough action (platinum section), little touch of oil to diamonds, one week Available warm detergent solution soak for 20-30 minutes, then wash with water rushing. Three months may be all refurbished Treasure free, ultrasonic cleaning once restored as new.

You can wear a diamond shower?

Although diamonds worn on the finger above the eye very suck, but if you want your dazzling diamond forever, or it needs to be protected. Because diamond has the characteristics of pro-oil, so should not go to the kitchen to work with diamonds, nor wearing a bath, easy to filth. While Diamond Although hard but very brittle, so can not use it to strong impact.

How to care for diamonds?

The diamond jewelry is placed in detergents (warm detergent solution can be), the diamond soak for half an hour, then scrub brush, then rinse with water, and finally with a fine gauze dry. It can not be cleaned in time we can get the experience center, with membership card free cleaning, renovation.

You can wear diamonds do housework?

Diamond has a lipophilic. It is easy to be grease, stains adsorbed on its surface, so that the diamond temporarily lose their luster and fire effects. Therefore diamond to be stored separately, do not put together with other jewelry, to avoid friction or oxidation damage to the nature of diamond, it is best to separate the diamond collection. And pay attention to is the need to prevent the bleach stained diamonds.


In gold online orders, whichever is the day?

Gold customer payment order on the day of the gold at the deposit shall prevail.

If the Web site in terms of style, marked with its own hand-inch inappropriate, how to buy for the hand-inch?

You can contact our online customer service, we will provide you verified whether this section jewelry as well as for your hand-inch spot, if not, we can arrange for you to be customized.

Online custom diamond ring can pay a deposit online, then go to the store to pay the balance and acceptance it?

Yes, you only need to contact our online customer service or call the customer service hotline 0086-755-82804919 inform product details Order number, and we will help you contact customer service, you only pay the deposit, we will notify you of the details the store are going, and make arrangements.

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